Oh, Arnold.

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As a champion of all things California (In n Out, sunshine, hippies, the word “hella”), I have to admit, we haven’t exactly had our best year.


Oh, Arnold.

I mean. First, we passed that whole Prop 8 nonsense. Then, we somehow racked up 24 BILLION dollars of debt and we tried to close the gap by cutting funding for education, state parks and, of course, holding a giant garage sale in Sacramento.

The latest instance of total wackiness to come out of my state? Well, it appears that one of the veto messages recently sent by Governor Schwarzenegger contains a hidden message: a choice  four letter curse word, followed by “you”.

The San Francisco Bay Guardian was the first one to notice the message. The phrase apparently becomes obvious when you read the first letter of each line in the veto. (Don’t believe them? Read the veto and see for yourself).

The Governator’s people are calling the  secret message a coincidence. But many are pointing out what an odd coincidence it is that the message was found in a veto for a bill written by Democratic Assemblyman Tom Ammiano. Earlier this month, Ammiano shouted  a delightfully inappropriate remark at Schwarzenegger when the Governor showed up at a Democratic fundraiser.


REALLY? I’m not even sure where to start. I will say, I like picturing the staff of the Guardian pulling out their Ghostwriter pens and looking for secret codes and hidden messages. But beyond that, I’m mostly reminded of that thing boys used to do in seventh grade, where they’d type “58008” into their graphing calculators and turn them upside down to display the name of a female body part.

Except those were middle school-aged boys. And these are my elected officials.

Look, guys. When you’re done exchanging all these completely mature insults, I hear there’s something pretty serious going on with the Bay Bridge. If you need something to keep you busy, I’m sure a few million commuters in the Bay Area would appreciate your help.

2 Responses to “Oh, Arnold.”

  1. Ines

    28. Oct, 2009

    I can’t say I’m surprised. This is the same guy rumored to frequently pinch women on the rear all over California.

  2. Chris

    16. Dec, 2009

    As a fellow Californian, I too find it hard to believe the brash turn that the Golden State has taken this past year. And while the wacky behavior of Arnold, among other Californians, seems to be reaching comical proportions, the agents of change remain largely idle. Of course, he is not the only guilty person, Democrats and Republicans alike, but as the state leader, he is the figurehead of CA, whether he likes it or not. Bottom line, there are too many REAL problems that require everyone’s teamwork

    Who knows. Maybe it really was just a mistake? But California cannot tolerate many more mistakes, big or small. Maybe Arnold should ask the last person who had his job for some advice. Wait, what? Oh, that’s right. It didn’t really end well for him.