Crown Heights Cupcakes

Posted on 11. Nov, 2009 by in Business and Economics, Rebecca Leung

This summer, Lily Johnson-Dibia opened “Lily and Fig,” a cupcake and tea store, on Crown Heights’ Franklin Avenue.

The neighborhood, not known for cupcakes before the store’s opening, has been, on the whole welcoming, according to Johnson-Dibia. The store features a posh dark-wood-and-avocado-green interior and fine cakes and tea. It stands out amongst the Chinese take-out joints and the hardware stores on Franklin Avenue. Yet, it is part of a noticeable change in the neighborhood. Last month alone, two new coffee shops opened just a couple of blocks from Johnson-Dibia’s store.

In an interview with Johnson-Dibia on location in September, I asked her about the opening of her store, the neighborhood, its changes and her customers.

Johnson-Dibia introduces herself
Choosing Crown Heights
Johnson-Dibia talks about a new career and choosing the location for her store
Crown Heights
Johnson-Dibia talks about Crown Heights
Johnson-Dibia talks about her clientele
The Challenges of the Business
Johnson-Dibia talks about some of the challenges of the business

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