Not All Fun and Games at the Yankees Parade

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Not everyone at the Yankees’ ticker-tape parade was in a celebratory mood Friday.



Downtown workers, claustrophobic spouses and unhappy children fell victim to the crowds of baseball fans that took over the streets and train stations. As fans descended on lower Manhattan, police shut down overburdened subway stops. Witnesses reported raucous crowds that took to shoving and yelling to score a better view of the parade. Even planning ahead and leaving home early didn’t help workers avoid the crowds.

Kelly Montgomery works at Thompson Reuters nearby and couldn’t get across Broadway to her office. She planned to go to another company office midtown rather than try to brave the crowd.


Instead of foraging her way through the thick crowd of Yankees fans, Lillie Garcia waited for more than an hour to cross the street to get to work. Garcia, of Astoria, had to borrow a police officers cell phone to tell her office that she would be late. Her phone couldn’t get reception in the crowd.


Tony Graziano, of Freehold New Jersey, arrived at 9 am with his wife, Sue, to watch the parade. Both were visibly upset from the aggressive crowds. Tony stood outside and watched from a distance while Sue sought refuge inside an office building.


Wendy Kraus, an attorney from the Upper East Side, was just about a block from her office when police derailed her typical route to work. Kraus chastised the city for holding the parade on a weekday, compelling students to skip school.

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