Don't bring your holiday spirit around me

Posted on 27. Nov, 2009 by in Business and Economics, General, Rebecca Leung

No Christmas spirit needed

No Christmas spirit needed

I never get into the spirit of the holidays. The over the top concern for our fellow man during the holiday season makes me want to gag. Everybody wants to tell you a sad story about giving to others, and preach to you about how thankful you should be for what you have.
Really? As if I don’t know that already! I do that everyday of the year, I don’t let the calendar dictate what or to whom I should extend a helping hand.
Because believe it or not, people go hungry, are homeless, out of work and alone everyday of the year. Their suffering and problems don’t stop because the calendar says it’s Christmas.
Those same people living in shelters or in the streets where there while you were planning you strategy for Black Friday. They were there when you took off time for work to go on a family vacation. They were there when you were deciding what gifts to buy for your husband, wife, children, mistress or in-laws.
The spirit of love and support to our fellow mankind should be something we all practice everyday without being told to do so.
If the recession has taught us anything, is that no one is above suffering, loss, or fear. This year food pantries have experienced a huge surge in visitors. And many of these visitors are a direct result of the recession.

Nobody is safe from having their life upside down at any moment. For that live everyday like is your last, and give because you want to, not because it’s on your calendar. Because someday, you might be in the receiving end of a compassionate hand.

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  1. vishal.persaud

    28. Nov, 2009

    hahahaha, I’ve been telling people the same, exact thing. I completely agree with you, why should we act different just because it’s the holiday season? And no, it’s not because we’re scrooges. I would say it’s because we’re realists. And you do a good job of elaborating that.