Black Friday Calm in Manhattan

Posted on 28. Nov, 2009 by in General, Sandeep Junnarkar, Urban

When I went out Friday morning to buy my Canon Rebel XSi, I expected frenzied crowds, snatching up everything in sight. I imagined fighting over the last camera with angry middle-aged women in sweatpants, with red faces and popping eyes.

I was happy to find that all my expectations proved false.  I went to several stores around Manhattan: B&H, J&R, Adorama, Best Buy, H&M, Sabon, (and perhaps some other ones). But all was quiet and orderly.

Considering that last year someone got trampled to death in a Wal-Mart on Long Island, it was a huge surprise to see business as usual in most of the stores I visited. The only exception was Best Buy, which was a little crowded, but not nearly close to the rioting mobs I envisioned.

Unfortunately, there were no specials for Canon Rebels. After hunting around I found one for $569 (before tax and accessories) at Adorama.

What about you? Do you have any Black Friday experiences to share?

One Response to “Black Friday Calm in Manhattan”

  1. Charlie

    26. Jul, 2010

    So, I came up with this strategy for Black Friday about 5 or 6 years ago…

    You know how you go to Best Buy in the morning, and you fight through the crowd to get the stuff you want, and you’re ready to leave and you realize there are like 200 people in the checkout line?!

    Well, I didn’t want to wait in line, and I realized that the stuff people rarely buy are roped off in order to have the checkout line wrap around the store. I noticed the appliance section was roped off, so I put all my stuff in one of the refrigerators and came back around noon when hardly anyone was in the store 🙂

    I did it the following year and when I checked out the girl scanned a video card I just bought and said, “why is this so cold?” haha

    By the way, I’ve learned a lot since then, and I rarely go into the stores now. Most things are available online, not just the doorbuster stuff. I usually go to a site like and find all the black friday ads weeks before they come out in the paper, so I’m ready.