Bring a Baby to Black Friday

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Bring a baby to Black Friday.

..That was the lesson I learned. I bought my goddaughter and as soon as we walked in to the Palisades Center Mall in Nyack, NY, my two cousins and myself got competitive, animalistic stares. Even as we walked in to the mall, just to try and get an elevator, people turned into animals looking at us with the “I dare you to jump on that elevator before me” eyes. I must admit, I was scared.

Until I moved my bloated from Thanksgiving body out of the way, and they saw my goddaughter in my cousin’s arms struggling to keep her composure in the black friday choas, those eyes then turned into bambi eyes.

I learned a great lesson, a baby always makes you look innocent.

As we smiled back at the pack–I mean family, I realized I hope my goddaughter never grows up, at least for my selfish sake.

I was in such a hurry at 3:30am on Friday morning I forgot my camera, and freaked out until I came across Keviniv3 ‘s video of Black Friday on youtube (below). It is from 3 years ago, but it is so good because it shows Black Friday here in Rockland County never changes and I laughed hysterically because this is exactly what I guess all of our eyes saw on Friday there. The lines, the crowds, etc.

In the end, my family ended up driving through JCPenney with a Target cart, we had so much stuff. We “conveniently” placed the baby in the front seat of the cart, and strolled around JCPenney with a freakin Target cart. It wasn’t until we left out of the Black Friday haze did I realize, wait, did we just go through the store with a a store that never uses carts?!

In the end, we ended up with some great stuff. I would say the best being the Tassimo coffee maker I ended up shoving people for.

P.S: Don’t think I am a bad godmother after reading this, my goddaughter received plenty of presents as her reward for just being cute!


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