Double Life: Lenny de Jesus

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Lenny de Jesus became the Bronx borough boxing champion at age 16. At 20, he married and embarked on a new career as a locksmith.

More than 40 years later Lenny still cuts keys and opens locks in Jackson Heights, Queens, and trains world champion fighters at John’s Boxing Gym near his childhood home in the South Bronx. Lenny currently works with Alejandro Berrio, 33 of Colombia a former world boxing championship hoping to rise again as a light heavyweight.

4 Responses to “Double Life: Lenny de Jesus”

  1. Ines

    03. Dec, 2009

    Awesome detail photos.

  2. San Pedro Locksmith

    11. Jun, 2010

    “either I die in the corner or I die opening up a door.” Those are some good words to live by. Great photos and I love the voice over work. From one locksmith to the next its good to see background stories of how these mom and pop shops came to be and are still surviving.

  3. seattle locksmith

    02. Mar, 2011

    i work as a locksmith in seattle wa for 22 years
    and i do understand lenny

  4. Grea photo, wish you luck…