Trouble in Toyland

Posted on 05. Dec, 2009 by in Arts and Culture, Health and Medicine, Rebecca Leung

The deadline is quickly approaching for Santa’s elves to package gifts, but according to one consumer advocacy group, there’s trouble in toyland.

Twenty-four toys – from Thomas the Tank Engine to a Fisher Price singing puppy – made the naughty list by the New York Public Interest Research Group, which says the toys can choke, poison, or damage hearing in children.

NYPIRG targeted toys that exceed recommended decibel or chemical levels set by the American Society for Testing and Materials International, an independent organization that develops standards for many products, including toys. It also took aim at toys with parts smaller than a golf ball – a size that the group deems too little for tots.

NYPIRG released its list of offenders in its annual “Trouble in Toyland” report this week.

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