Have you caught World Cup fever yet?

Posted on 06. Dec, 2009 by in Business and Economics, General, Rebecca Leung

USA Soccer fans (or as the rest of the world calls it futbol) were glued to their televisions, computers and radios on Dec. 6, as the draw for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa was announced. And if you are just getting on the band-wagon of the U.S. team, you are just in time.  For its first stage group play, the U.S. is in with England, Algeria and Slovenia.

The U.S. enjoyed incredible success the last time it played in South Africa, with their upset of the number 1 ranked team Spain during the Confederations Cup, and staying close to Brazil during the first half of the final game. Getting out of the first round against Algeria and Slovenia should be a breeze.

U.S. soccer fans are already making headlines with their support of the team. U.S. fans have purchased bought 84,103 of the 674,403 tickets that were available before the draw, and according to the Associated Press, more women that ever are expected to tune in to watch the games.

While David Beckham –the face of Major League Soccer–will hopefully be playing for England, the U.S. squad has some pretty good homegrown talent. Carlos Bocanegra, Jozy Altidore, Tim Howard have enjoyed success across the pond.

Lead by Landon Donovan, this could be the squad that makes soccer an American game. If the final of the 2009 MLS season is any indication of the progress soccer has made in the U.S., the World Cup might be the stage the U.S. needs to be taken seriously by the soccer superpowers.

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