Pet Protest

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Protesters didn’t care that how much the puppies in the windows were.

They didn’t even want them there in the first place.

Over 20 protesters marched outside Pet Fashion’s Columbus Avenue location, to denounce the store’s decision to sell puppies. The four-month-old store has only been selling canines for a month, but protester believe the puppies in the window are coming straight from puppy mills–though store representatives deny the allegations.

Here’s some background info on puppy mills, or puppy farms:

It’s important not to get lost in the shuffle of Pet Fashion vs. its protesters.  To this date, no formal charges have been filed and Pet Fashion continues to run its business.

I think one of the interesting facets of this story is the pet-loving community on the Upper West Side, and maybe New York City in general.   Several residents mentioned a unique UWS pet-loving community the slideshow (above, if you haven’t clicked on it). Do you find that to be something unique on the UWS?  Is there a sense of community that being  pet-owner brings you and your neighbors together in your neighborhood?

And what does this say about New Yorkers and the relationships they have with their dogs?  With stories that capture a nation–like Oreo and Michael Vick, do dogs have a special place in our hearts?  Do we protect them with more urgency?

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