Slideshow: Most Overblown Stories of 2009

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2009 was a great year for obsessive coverage of people – and an illness – that didn’t deserve the spotlight, or at least not as much as they got. So today, I’m honoring the five stories and personalities who have spent way too much time on my television screen this year.

#5 H1N1 – Sporting our masks and drowning in hand sanitizer, we’re finally realizing that the only thing we have to fear during the swine flu panic is fear itself. A report released this week showed H1N1 to be the mildest of pandemics – 10 times less deadly than the 1957 and 1968 influenza outbreaks that it was once compared to, according to the Los Angeles Times.

#4 Crash on the Hudson – Though the miraculous US Airways crash into the Hudson was a very cool story back in January, that’s no reason to subject us in November to front page stories about the 58-year-old pilot’s sex life. If Sully gets the cover of Playgirl, I’m never flying again.

#3 Tiger Woods – Between the local traffic report and an update on health care reform, the 1010 WINS radio newscast informed me this morning that a porn film titled “Tiger’s Wood” is in the works. Shwew! Thank goodness. The obsessive news coverage of the golfer’s sex life just isn’t enough. We need a reenactment to get the real, unbiased report on how an athlete can be driven to cheat on his wife.

#2 Jon & Kate – Who? That was my question last spring when Kate Gosselin popped up on my TV screen while I was watching CNN. Now I know way too much about this woman and her family — and still haven’t seen a minute of her reality show.

#1 Balloon Boy – Perhaps I’m not giving enough credit to a family that tricked an entire nation into watching a balloon float through the sky for three hours. That’s a pretty newsworthy feat.

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