Artists Set Up Shop at Grand Central Station

Posted on 15. Dec, 2009 by in Arts and Culture, John Smock

If you’re looking for unique gifts this Christmas, then the city’s holiday markets are definitely the places to go. From late November through December, artists set up booths throughout the city in Union Square, Columbus Circle and Bryant Park.

But if you want to do your shopping and stay toasty warm at the same time, then visit the indoor market at Grand Central Station. Nearly 100 booths are set up in the station’s Vanderbilt Hall. You can pick up a handmade Christmas ornament, an environmentally conscious handbag or a specialty dog treat for the respective grandmothers, hippies or four-legged friends on your list.

Artists come from across the city–and across the country–to set up shop. It’s not just a chance to display their work, many said. It’s an opportunity to meet their customers and interact with each other.  Click below to hear three of the artists who are at Grand Central Station this year talk about making art, making the trip to New York City and making money off of every-day inspiration.


Darlene Margeta, 56, of New York City, talks about her creation: the dream pillow.



Eva Mueller, 53, of New Mexico, drove over 2,000 miles to take part in the holiday market.



Angie Valazquez,  29, from Texas, makes a living from making  T-shirts that tell a story.


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