Wrapping Up: What a Brief Strange Trip

Posted on 16. Dec, 2009 by in John Smock

The most interesting thing I learned about blogging this semester was its plasticity, the variety of forms it can take. Well I have followed my own time tested and sometimes monetarily rewarded approach of contriving controversy, over analyzing, rehashing, and condescending to parties unkknown, I was just as edified by the posts I did which lacked the crutch that snark built, and forced me into areas in which I wouldn’t necessarily have dwelt otherwise.

That said, I have a bias for blogs that are blogs, for posts that are native to the medium and not retread news stories, because those are boring for me, like I’d-rather-go-to-law-school boring.  To whit; a couple of my interactive assignments that became blog posts were the product of Craft stories about which I found myself otherwise unenthusiastic. Blogs allow for a greater degree of referential lassitude than can ever be contained in the same 300 words of print. Blogs allow for more content in less space, and they can also make for more in the normal amount of allotted space- just look at any Frank Rich column/post.

Well I can’t point to where or what exactly my future employment will be, I do know I’ll always have a home in the blogosphere, that my anonymous dribbling can be the fodder argument and entertainment, confusion and befuddlement. And that gives me strength.

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