Olive's Day at the Groomers

Posted on 17. Dec, 2009 by in Beats, Jeremy Caplan, Urban

Residents of Chelsea are likely to bring their furry, four-footed loved ones to Towne House Grooming, located on West 19th Street off of Ninth Avenue. Elly Wong has owned the grooming haven for 6 and a half years, which also offers cat grooming, dog walking, and in-home dog boarding as part of its services. The tiny space is filled to the brim with leashes, chew toys (a Santa chew toy is prominently on display), and dog and cat food. More elaborate products, such as studded rocker leases and rhinestone encrusted collars, are located safely within the glass case in front of the register. A suede gray cat named Charlie guards the register along with Elly from his own private cubby behind her.

Olive, a longtime patron of Towne House Groomers, came in today for her monthly bath. Cheryl Daleo, who has worked there for two years, said “time goes fast” when working with animals. She also said I was lucky to see a good and friendly dog. Take a look as Olive transforms from a damp doggy into a fluffy puppy, ready for her close-up.

Taking a Batch at Towne House Grooming from Krissy Dolor on Vimeo.

Olive, longtime patron of Towne House Grooming, gets a bath from Cheryl Daleo.

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