Top five worst things about the holidays

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IMG_03471. Decadent Decorations:: Why can’t everything look this good year round? Why do we have to decorate everything just so it looks nice this time of year? Think about all the extra time, money and effort put into making things look extra nice this time of year. The sheer decadence of all the department stores seems extraneous. Families spend nearly half of their time before the holidays putting up holiday trees and decorating their homes with bright lights, and then spend another month or so taking them down. Or you can do what my parents do and never take the lights down. In a time when most people feel the strain of the recession, does it really matter how nice the holiday tree looks in the family room?


2. Crowds of people (especially tourists): People are just everywhere. And in New York City, shoppers come from around the world to shop at the Macy’s on 34th Street and to spend the holidays. They crowd the streets, they crowd parking lots, and they just get in your way when you’re late for class.

3. Christmas commercials: Sure, these cute and cuddly polar bears come out once a year to promote Coca Cola. And lots of other companies take advantage of the holidays by bringing back iconic images of the holidays. Budweiser uses their famous Clydesdales horses and plenty of retail outlets take advantage of holiday commercials to advertise merchandise. A routine sit-down of The Office and one may watch five to six holiday-themed commercials. You can only take so much of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and shots of snow, fireplaces, hot chocolate, holiday trees, and that dreaded old, jolly fat guy that goes “ho, ho, ho.”

IMG_04634. Radio stations that play Christmas music 24/7: Some stations like Lite FM here in New York City play “holiday themed” music right after Thanksgiving up until Christmas. Like I really need to hear “Jingle Bell Rock” when I’m trying to enjoy my post-Thanksgiving turkey sandwich.


5. Fruitcake: You can use it as a doorstop, a discus, paperweight, football…any number of things. Few people actually want to eat this holiday concoction, so why are they still around?

Perhaps, one of the saving graces of the holidays is the annual gathering of Santa Claus’s from around New York City called Santacon. This year, the Santas met in Washington Square Park.

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