We Like Pizza

Posted on 17. Dec, 2009 by in Arts and Culture, Jeremy Caplan, Urban

How do I describe Staten Island’s pizza legacy in one paragraph? It’s like a national pastime there. You’ve got Denino’s crispy flat crust, Joe & Pat’s saucy fresh mozzarella slices, Big Al’s Chicago style pizza, and the best bar pies in the universe at Lee’s Tavern. The pizza there is so famous that people come from all over the five boroughs to experience it. They’ve even started a pizza tour that leaves from the ferry and takes tourists around in a private bus for slices.

Marie’s Gourmet celebrated their two-year anniversary last month. Although they are new to the game they’ve already made a dent in the Island’s cheese-and-dough history. Watch owner Bryan Michaelson make a 9-inch Margherita pie with basil, fresh mozz, plum tomato sauce, and oregano. If you’re not hungry, you will be after watching this video.

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