Youth Messenger

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Steve Kulish is only 18, but he has big dreams on spreading God’s message to the masses. Kulish, from Howard Beach, is the son of a pastor. He created an organization called Spiritual Blood to serve as a community for the children of pastors and missionaries to come together to grow as individuals and in fellowship. He hopes to unite Christian youths in New York City. Kulish’s three-week-old group invites those between the ages of 16-25 who are children of clergy. He named the group based on the blood that Jesus shed on the cross during crucifixion. Here are some excerpts from my interview with Kulish where he discussed his passion for religion.

In this excerpt Kulish comments on why he feels he needs God in his life.

Kulish explains what led him to want to preach the Bible, despite being so young.

He enjoys mentoring, and strives to preach God’s message to as many people as he can.

Here is a candid conversation Kulish had with another teen, about a YouTube video he [Kulish] made through an online ministry.

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One Response to “Youth Messenger”

  1. Betty

    10. Jun, 2010

    Kulish – I am so proud of you — the decision you are making to have God in your life will make your life experiences so much easier to deal with. Some of us don’t find this out until we have had trouble and no where else to turn. Bless you Kulish