More Americans believe that economy and environment are linked, AP poll finds

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WorldAn interesting new AP poll was released on Tuesday. The results indicate that more Americans believe that a cleaner environment leads to a healthier economy. This new trend appears antithetical to the traditional view that the environment needs to suffer for a strong economy. It also is good news for the democrats who are poised to debate a climate bill in the coming months.

The AP – Standford University poll,┬áreleased Tuesday, shows that 46 percent of Americans believed climate action would lead to a boost in the economy. 40 percent of Americans believe that a cleaner economy could actually lead to more jobs.

However, a majority of respondents of the AP poll said that they are unwilling to contribute financially to battle climate change. While three-quarters of respondents are in favor of climate action, just as many say they would oppose paying an increase of 25 dollars to the energy bill.

These results come on the heals of a CBS-New York Times poll that found far fewer Americans thought the environment a top priority compared to years past. The CBS-New York Times poll indicated that just 37% Americans believe the environment is the nation’s top priority compared to 57% in April of 2007, when the national economic news was much better.

This news comes against the backdrop of international climate talks in Copenhagen.

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