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Posted on 18. Dec, 2009 by in General, Rebecca Leung

Could this be the new news framework we're looking for?

Could this be the new news framework we're looking for?

In just mere months the hype over a possible online news publishing plan from Apple has grown exponentially.

This became truly evident when I watched a short video put together at the Sports Illustrated interactive department. What they’ve shown is possible makes my mind explode with the scenarios. They are endless.

Yes, the future is not going to be easy for journalism. People look at us with growing scrutiny, referring to us with disdain as “the media.”

What’s wrong with media? It’s simple. We forgot who we were reporting for.

To me being a journalist in any sense of the word means approaching life as an impassioned observer, clearing through any terrain out there and compiling important news and events for the public in a way they want you to deliver it. Since the beginning of the decade that delivery hasn’t been newsprint. Instead, people use the internet to view and read the news.

Nowadays, the definition has grown to encompass more tools than the pad and paper. Instead of Microsoft Word, we’re using social document drafting through programs like Google Wave and Google Office. We use html, movie and photo editing software, and deftly package our audio slideshows, movies, and print stories for the web.

We need to give the public what they want. Namely, an interactive reading and viewing experience.

Some have said the Apple tablet is dead. But if something like this doesn’t happen now, with apple, we are on the horizon of a larger ground-swell for this type of computing. It could be vaporware, but for now, all signs point to another revolution, courtesy of Cupertino, Callifornia.

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