Bollywood Yoga: An Alternative Style of Exercise

Posted on 22. Apr, 2010 by in Arts and Culture, Health and Medicine

Bollywood Yoga

Priya Pandya gives her class instructions on how to perform yoga the Bollywood way.

Is Bollywood Yoga changing the way people exercise? Well for many New Yorkers, it is.

The term “Bollywood” refers to the Indian film industry. One of the most popular aspects of these films is the dancing, which brings customary Indian steps to a more contemporary level. And in preparation for this dancing, Indian men and women incorporate yoga in their workout.

Since the success of the hit movie Slumdog Millionaire, Americans have become more fascinated with Indian culture. In response to this, Bollywood Yoga facilities have been popping up throughout the country and people are loving it!

Bollywood Yoga instructors note that after about an hour long class, it’s possible to burn about 350 calories. Even the famous Dr. Oz endorsed it and gave it a try.

Dhoonya Dance is just one of the places in New York that you can go to learn Bollywood Yoga. Priya Pandya is one of the creative forces behind its success. Click here to take a look of Priya in action with her some of her students at the Mommy and Me class, just one of many offered through the dance center.

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